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We are sure that you will love our courses, the information they provide and the benefits you will reap from taking them!

#1 Online School for natural hair and locs providing in-depth classes for professionals (or aspiring professionals) that service clients with highly textured hair and locs. Learn all you need to know about taking care of highly textured natural hair and locs, as well as the products used and the tools of the industry! We have individual classes that offer Certificates and bundles that offer Certification. Certifications include online self-study paired with ZOOM one-on-one sessions that ensure students can perform critical techniques required in this fast changing industry.

  • Bonus material

    Downloadable attachments of forms and charts that can be used in your practice.

  • Bonus material

    Related assignments which include tasks that you can research and practice to reinforce what you have learned.

  • Bonus material

    Built in assessments to measure your understanding of the course content.

Why take our classes?

We have the most comprehensive natural hair and loc classes online! Our classes are perfect for Cosmetologists, Natural Hair Stylists, Braiders, Locticians, and clients that do their hair at home.

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  • Built in assessments

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  • Certificates

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Founder & Senior Instructor

Aishah Bilal-Ali, Ed.S., I.A.T.

Internationally Certified Trichologist, Natural Hair Subject-Matter-Expert, Master Loctician and Senior Cosmetologist, Aishah Bilal-Ali has a post-masters degree in Education and over 35 years of specialized experience in the hair, beauty and fashion industries. She applies her educational background and experiences towards public speaking and facilitating intensive workshops on hair care, maintenance and styling. Aishah has successfully trained Cosmetologists, Locticians, Natural Hair Stylists and many others in mastering the treatment, care and styling of all types of hair. Through extensive study, travel and experience, Educational Specialist Aishah Bilal has custom designed a natural hair and loc curriculum that prepares stylists to become creative, well-trained professionals in the demanding hair care industry. She has been interviewed and featured on CNN, The Natural Hair Show and in the New York Times. She is the owner of Hairadox LLC and has her own haircare product line. She is a member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT).
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What's missing from other types of education?

Our focus in on natural highly textured hair and locs!